🍏Automatically measure your on-chain climate impact

Account for the electricity usage and associated emissions of your crypto-related activities

The crypto industry can be at the vanguard in the fight against global warming through increasing the demand for renewable energy and carbon removal and increase access to small/medium-sized consumers and investors. To achieve these goals, blockchain stakeholders should have a way to measure, track, and report their electricity use and the associated GHG emissions.

For the most part, we draw inspiration from and build on the excellent work done by both Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI) in creating a generalizable carbon emission accounting framework and Crypto Climate Accord for their guidance for accounting and reporting electricity use and carbon emissions from cryptocurrency.

Automatically embed sustainability into your ecosystem

By using Menthol Protocol, dApps and users can take advantage of our automated data collection and carbon emission calculations without any API or smart contract integration needed!

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