🚀Sustainable growth

Menthol Protocol growth is directly aligned with increasing value for it's eco-conscious users.

As the volume of on-chain or off-chain activity offset with Menthol Protocol increases, the more that Menthol Protocol can:

  • negotiate discounts from sustainability partners who want to supply green assets to a consistent and increasing source of consumer demand

  • get access to wholesale sustainability suppliers

  • lower operational fees per user since they can be shared across a larger user base

  • onboard top-tier sustainability projects

  • build up a deep network of engaged curators and stakeholders

As Menthol Protocol grows, it leverages its increasing competitive advantages and economies of scale to reduce costs resulting in even greater savings for users, grow the ecosystem, build up a strong curation network and onboard higher quality sustainability partners/assets.

Menthol Protocol only earns revenue by taking a small share of the cost savings! What's cooler than a win-win scenario?

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