This overview covers the governance mechanisms and financial incentives, it aims to share a vision of alignment between various stakeholders within the Menthol ecosphere, protocol functionality and th

What is COOL Token?

COOL token is Menthol Protocol's utility and governance token. The tokens are used to get access to and pay for automated sustainability services.

Until COOL is minted and distributed, users will be able to stake and spend alternative supported tokens.

Uses for COOL

In the context of the Menthol Protocol's Ecosphere, COOL token serves the following purposes:

  1. Compensate curators for voting or proposing on updating the list of sustainability assets on CooList

  2. Get access to the coolest products and services through staking

  3. Pay for protocol services such as automatically offsetting on-chain or off-chain activities that result in emissions and/or non-renewable energy consumption

  4. Get discounts for protocol services

  5. Enable stakeholders to join Menthol DAO and participate in governance

  6. Distribute protocol rewards to Menthol DAO members

  7. Participate in NFT art drops and sales

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