🤔Why Use Menthol Protocol?

No-loss sustainability - you heard it here first!

Automate your sustainability goals

Menthol Protocol uses sophisticated bots that automatically track user/dApp activity, calculate the associated emissions and energy consumption and procure tokenized green assets for a price typically available only to institutional buyers.

Save your funds + save the world

If you want to be sustainable but have a hard time letting go of your funds, then you'll love CoolSave. With CoolPool you can hold on to your crypto funds while offsetting your on-chain or off-chain activity!

CoolPool works by integrating with popular decentralized lending protocols, collecting the generated interest and using it offset your emissions. As long as you are deposited, CoolBots will take care of keeping your accounts cool and the world cooler.

Of course, you can choose to take out your original deposit in full anytime you want!

Using economies of scale for collective good

Menthol Protocol growth is directly aligned with increasing value for it's eco-conscious users.

Users pay less since we pass along the cost savings due to economies of scale. As Menthol Protocol grows, the better it can secure green asset discounts from sustainability partners, tap into wholesale markets and reduce network fees by aggregating sustainability actions.

  • negotiate discounts from sustainability partners who want to supply green assets to a consistent and increasing source of consumer demand

  • get access to wholesale sustainability suppliers

  • lower operational fees per user since they can be shared across a larger user base

  • onboard top-tier sustainability projects

  • build up a deep network of engaged curators and stakeholders

So why do it the old-school way when you could automatically keep the world cool for less!

We want everyone to have access to the most impactful and transparent green tokens possible. That's why Menthol Protocol will partner with and incentivize top-tier on-chain sustainability projects to tokenize sustainability assets using green asset ramps such as Toucan Protocol.

Our goal is to expand the availability of verified green tokens while helping you beat the market rate.

👎 DIY = too much hassle

It's challenging to curate a high-quality sustainability portfolio. Finding, calculating, and purchasing green tokens regularly is a hassle for users and dApp developers that want to be cool.

Here are some of the challenges you might face trying to go climate-positive:

  • costs for green assets and network fees can add up quickly

  • procuring high-quality green assets can be hard since:

    • green tokens do not abide by the same standards

    • risk of buying a low-impact, unverified and non-transparent green tokens.

    • underlying green assets might be double-claimed off-chain or even fake!

  • ensuring you have a diverse portfolio

  • too time-consuming to track, calculate and purchase

On top of all that, you would have to face all of the above challenges every day, week or month etc. if you want to go climate-positive.

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