☀️Menthol DAO

Empowering climate leaders to create a cooler world

Menthol DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is responsible for deciding on key protocol parameters through the voting power of governance token holders.

Menthol empowers governance token holders to collectively act as governors of the protocol by enabling them to vote and propose improvements such as adding high-quality tokenized green assets or green asset ramps to the CooList, setting target staking amount per tx/month, etc.

Towards Decentralized Governance

Until the token generation event (TGE), the founding team will be responsible for building and maintaining the protocol. After the TGE occurs, protocol ownership will be transferred to Menthol DAO and governance token holders will be able to propose, vote or delegate their votes.

Governance Process

  1. The community creates an improvement proposal.

  2. The community evaluates and provides feedback on the proposal.

  3. The proposal is improved and the community signals their interest.

  4. The core team and/or community implements the proposal and submits it to the governance.

  5. The community evaluates the implementation and votes on the proposal.

This will be the catalyst for the growth and long-term governance of the Menthol Protocol. The goal is to create an ecosphere that brings together eco-conscious users/developers, sustainability projects, automation networks and DeFi lending protocols to help everyone make a difference.

Impact-driven Growth

Since the growth of the protocol is directly aligned with Menthol DAO will be integral to embedding ecological regeneration into any on/off-chain activity.

Key metrics that will be tracked include tons of carbon removed, MWh of renewable energy sourced, number of climate-positive users/dApps etc.

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