Stake COOL to get access to automated sustainability services

Menthol Protocol staking allows users to deposit tokens to automatically offset their transactions.


Until COOL is minted and distributed, users will be able to stake alternative supported tokens.

Users can stake to offset their on-chain or off-chain activity with certified on-chain carbon and renewable energy credits. The amount to stake depends on the number of transactions and Target Staking Amount for on-chain activity or the volume of credits procured.

Target Staking Amount (USD per tx/month)

Staking gives you access to Menthol's ecosystem and will not be used up over time. Therefore, you will be able to withdraw the full amount after the staking period.

The target staking amount is a protocol parameter which determines how much COOL one would need to stake to offset 1 transaction a month. This parameter is denominated in USD in order to make it predictable for users.

For example:

Target staking amount to offset 1 transaction a month (in USD) = $1

Price of COOL (in USD) = $0.5

Number of transaction that a user or developer wants to offset each month = 100

Staking amount (in USD) = target staking amount x number of transactions = $1 x 100 = $100

Required staking amount in COOL = staking amount in USD รท price of COOL in USD = $100 รท $0.5 (per COOL) = 200 COOL

After successfully staking, the user will be able to offset the same number of transactions a month regardless of any external factors until they unstake. This is to prevent impacting user experience due to changes in the price of COOL or the Target Staking Amount set by Menthol DAO.

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