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Decarbonize your smart contracts or personal accounts transactions without the hassle
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🧐 What is Menthol Protocol?

Menthol Protocol is a no-loss, decentralized automated sustainability protocol that will automatically power user or dApp transactions with verified renewable energy and carbon credits from around the world.
Users can also offset their off-chain emissions and/or energy consumption to make the world even cooler!

Can't let go of your crypto bags?

We've got you covered!

With Menthol, you get all the benefits of automating your sustainability goals for any externally owned account or smart contract without paying a dime for either the service or the green assets by using CoolSave.
Even without using CoolSave, it would still be super cheap. How cheap you ask? Well it would be cheaper for Menthol Protocol to track, calculate and procure green assets to offset than for you to just buy the green assets. That's right, it's cheaper to be cool all the time than the cost of buying the assets themselves by yourself.

​The Ecosphere​

Menthol Protocol offers a suite of sustainability tools and services to make anyone cooler.

​ FAQ​

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Learn more about Menthol's tokenomics and how it works towards creating a decentralized, autonomous and sustainable protocol.

🎁 Protocol​

Find out how Menthol Protocol uses programmable money, game theory, & mechanism design to create a regenerative crypto-ecological system that benefit users, stakeholders and the world.
Get set up within minutes. Learn how to make climate-neutral dApps without writing any lines of code! ​